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In UNKNOWN AMERICA you will learn:
*Why portraits of the Declaration of Independence are completely wrong
*Which is the only state to have 3 Governors in one day
*About the slave that sued for her freedom, and won!
*Who "really" invented the airplane
*Which US President had a dog named Satan
*Strange strategies and plans used by the US Military
*About the slave who sued to own slaves
*About the role IBM played in the German Holocaust
*Who was America's only Gay President
*About America's first female President
*Why the Rosa Parks Story is all wrong
*What Presidential hopeful wanted John Wayne to be his VP Running mate
*Why July 4th is not our Independence day, and what day really is
...And much, much more

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Myths and little known oddities about the greatest nation on earth,  

Michael Hart has researched and compiled a collection of some of the most fascinating, obscure, and even overlooked facts about the greatest nation on earth. Be prepared to discover amazing and little known facts and trivia about America, and learn about people and places that the history books have either forgotten, or completely overlooked.​

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