Myths and little known oddities about the greatest nation on earth
        Michael Hart
has researched and compiled a collection

      of some of the most fascinating, obscure, and

     even overlooked facts about the greatest

      nation on earth. Be prepared to discover amazing

       and little known facts and trivia about America, 

       and learn about people and places that the history

        books have either forgotten, or completely overlooked.​


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In UNKNOWN AMERICA you will learn:
*Why portraits of the Declaration of Independence are completely wrong
*Which is the only state to have 3 Governors in one day
*About the slave that sued for her freedom, and won!
*Who "really" invented the airplane
*Which US President had a dog named Satan
*Strange strategies and plans used by the US Military
*About the slave who sued to own slaves
*About the role IBM played in the German Holocaust
*Who was America's only Gay President
*About America's first female President
*Why the Rosa Parks Story is all wrong
*What Presidential hopeful wanted John Wayne to be his VP Running mate
*Why July 4th is not our Independence day, and what day really is
...And much, much more

Take a look inside Unknown America

 From Chapter 1... Unknown States

 *Adolph Hitler's typewriter is on exhibit at the history museum in Bessemer Alabama southwest of Birmingham.

 At the end of World War II a German-Groma 1930s typewriter was captured by the Allies  at Adolf Hitler's   mountain  hideaway, the "Eagle's Nest," near Saltzburg, Austria. Although it's the Hall of  History's most   popular  exhibit, it is not  featured in any of the museum's literature.

 *​Colorado had to change 420 mile signs to 419.99 to keep people from stealing them. 420 is an  urban  reference to  smoking marijuana.

 *New Mexico's first graduating class was in 1893 and had only 1 student. He was shot and killed  before  graduating.


 From Chapter 3... Unknown Americana

 Twisting the night away
 Shortly after the game “Twister” was introduced in 1966, some critics denounced the game as “sex in a  box”.   This  claim may never have happened if the game had not been featured on the Tonight Show. When  released,  Twister,  was widely unpopular. But just as Milton Bradley was about to pull the plug, the PR firm  representing the game  pushed it to the Tonight Show. The spectacle of Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor being  “tied up” while playing Twister  caused a meteoric surge in sales, causing toy making competitors to panic,  hence the “sex” accusation. (There's no  data to suggest the sex claim boosted sales, but one can imagine it  likely didn't hurt). 

Snake bit son?
 Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert, is the only man in US history to have witnessed the assassinations of three  different  Presidents, his father, James Garfield, and William McKinley. After he saw anarchist Leon Czolgosz  shoot McKinley,  he vowed he would never again appear in public with an incumbent President.


 From Chapter 5... Unknown Sports

 Good Luck, Jack
 Jack Nicklaus won his second Masters in 1965. In the very same year, the Montreal Canadians took home the   Stanley  cup, the NBA Championship was won by the Celtics, and Willie Shoemaker won the Kentucky Derby. In   1986, Nicklaus  won his last Masters. Coincidentally all three of these same events happened again.


 The comeback kid, again!
 In 1984, quarterback Frank Reich recorded the most impressive comeback in the history of college football. His  team, the University of Maryland, was down 31 points to the Miami Hurricanes, when Reich was called in to   sub for  Stan Gelbaugh. The Terps would go on to defeat the Canes 42-40 with Reich at the helm.

​ From Chapter 7... Unknown Presidents

 James Madison once lost an election because he didn’t give alcohol to voters. In 1777 a young James Madison   lost a  bid for election to the state’s House of Delegates. He would later write that the defeat was the result   of his refusal  to provide free liquor to the voters on election day, a common custom then known as “swilling   the planters with  bumbo.” The future president believed that bribing electors with booze was contrary to   republican principles. (The  use of the word republican in this context was a reference to the “Republic” and   not the Party. The Republican party  would not be founded until decades later).

 In 1848, Zachary Taylor was nominated to be President by the Whig Party without his knowledge  or presence   at the  nominating convention. The Whigs sent him notification of the nomination without the postage  being   paid, the party  expecting Taylor to pay for the letter that told him that he was the nominee. He refused to   pay  the postage and did  not find out about the nomination for weeks after.

 Calvin Coolidge was considered by many to be hyper shy and perhaps stand offish, even somewhat eccentric.   He  enjoyed riding a mechanical horse as much as he could while acting as if he was a cowboy. He often   walked around  with a raccoon that was perched behind his neck.